About Ponyville Live!

Bringing Pony People Together: Who We Are

Ponyville Live! is the pony world's leading multimedia network. Through our partners and projects, we work to bring the talent, creativity and passion from across the brony community together into one place.

Ponyville Live! (or "PVL") is a federation of pony creative projects, including:

  • Radio stations broadcasting 24/7 pony music,
  • Video streams with live gaming, episode watch parties, and entertainment,
  • Shows & podcasts from some of the pony community's finest hosts, and
  • Many other projects and affiliates.

Our partner stations, streams, shows and affiliates create their own content and operate autonomously from the main network. Our main purpose as a network is to bring the content that these partners provide to as wide of an audience as possible.

There are times, when it makes sense for our partners to work together as one network, such as:

  • Covering conventionsacross North America, Europe, and Australia,
  • Hosting special events such as fundraisers, charity events, or interviews,
  • Sharing infrastructure like web and radio station hosting, and
  • Building large projects like our song request system or the connectors that power plugins like HoofSounds.

We are extremely passionate about the pony community, and we want to help it grow and prosper any way we can. We hope that the projects we support bring a smile to your face, and make your day as a brony just a little happier. :)

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For Radio Stations, Video Streams, Podcasts and Other Projects

Do you share our love of ponies? Do you want to bring your content to a diverse audience of bronies? Visit the "Contact Us" page for information on how to reach us. We look forward to hearing from you!

For Conventions and Other Large Events

Would you like us to provide live streaming or pre-recorded coverage of your event or convention? We would love to! Please send an e-mail to [email protected] with the details of your event, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

For Bronies

If you want to explore the Ponyville Live! network and its projects, just check out our site here at ponyvillelive.com, or click the "Chat" link on the top menu to join our IRC channel, where you can hang out with your fellow bronies and share experiences, learn more about our network, and pony on!

Add Us To Your Site

Want to promote Ponyville Live! on your own web site? We've put together two tools that make it very easy to add PVL to your site:

  • Our branding kit, with many different versions of our logo, in both rasterized and vector formats and suitable for all kinds of uses.
  • Our radio embedding tool, which will let you embed the PVL radio player, including all of its stations, directly onto your web site for users to listen to our radio stations and watch our video streams.

Credit for Site Assets

We would like to thank the following for providing the artwork used by the Ponyville Live! network: