The MLP Music Archive

About the Archive

The MLP Music Archive is a project created by fans of the brony music community, with the purpose of preserving the entirety of brony music in a single collection. Artists and the art they create come and go, and move on from the fandom, but the archive seeks to keep their music intact for the community to enjoy indefinitely.

An updated version of the archive for 2014 is currently under active development. Older versions of the archive are still available for download using the links below.

Latest Version

You can download the newest MLP Music Archive using the link below.

Older Versions

Old versions of the MLP Music Archive are available for download below.

Online Music Services

Looking for pony music to listen to online or add to your collection? Check out these awesome music sites for more.

About .torrent Files

A .torrent file lets you download files from the BitTorrent peer-to-peer file sharing network. Since the MLPMA is so large, this is the best way to make sure everyone can download it at the fastest possible speeds, without overloading servers in the process.

In order to download .torrent files, you will need a BitTorrent downloader tool. There are many options available, but a simple lightweight option is the Deluge client.