Apps & Players

Chrome Pony

Chrome Browser

HoofSounds for Chrome

Ponyville Live! has partnered with the developer behind popular plugin PonyHoof to build a Chrome plugin that lets you listen to all of our pony music right from your Chrome toolbar. Visit the link below to learn more and install it!

PVL Chrome Desktop App

If you're looking for the convenience of pony music but without having to keep your browser open, we also offer a dedicated Chrome app that works on all platforms, including Chromebooks. Check it out!

Firefox Pony

Firefox Browser

HoofSounds for Firefox

The same HoofSounds plugin you know and love for Chrome has also been released as a Firefox plugin. Now you can enjoy pony music on either browser with the same experience!

Android Platform


PVL Mobile for Android

The new PVL! Mobile web application lets you enjoy awesome pony radio, video stations, podcasts and more, anywhere you go. The Android app includes all the features of our web application, plus notifications and persistent playback.

Get it on Google Play

All Pony Radio

Our friends at Black Apple Research Facility have worked hard on their own Android app that plays all of Ponyville Live!'s music streams.

iOS Platform


Pony Unite for iOS

This awesome app was built completely by fans of the Ponyville Live! network, and features a modern interface, along with all of PVL's radio stations, podcasts and upcoming events. It's our favorite way to take pony with us on our iPhones!

PVL Mobile for Web Browsers

Our mobile web site, featuring all the same radio stations, podcasts and convention coverage as our homepage, is available for all major mobile browsers, and can be pinned to your homepage for even easier access! Check it out below.



iPonyRadio for iOS, Android, and Desktops

Originally launched for iOS, the third-party iPonyRadio app has been updated to include Android and desktop platforms. You can listen to every Ponyville Live! station through iPonyRadio, along with Everfree Radio from Canterlot Hill.

Other Platforms

Other Platforms

Winamp, iTunes, VLC, etc.

Download playlist files containing all of the Ponyville Live! radio stations in one single file. This file can then be used in many major media players.

Embedded On Your Web Site

Embed the PVL radio player, including all of its stations, directly into your web site for all of your users to enjoy! With the embedded widget, you can play music and tune into streams directly from your own web site.