Embed the Ponyville Live! Player

Default Example (Full Player)

This will embed the full Ponyville Live! sidebar player into your site, with all of the stations listed and a built-in player that automatically appears above all of the stations. No additional setup work is required to make this embed option work.

Show Only One Station

This will only embed a single station, with certain behaviors based on the parameters listed below. You can customize these parameters to change the way the embedded player functions.

Customizable Parameters

In both cases above, the parameters that are sent to the player are attached to the end of the embedded URL. They are always in pairs, i.e. /paramname/paramval/. Each of the parameter pairs are listed below along with their possible values and purpose.

/id/[station id]
Choose from one of the station IDs specified below:
Radio Stations
20 - PonyvilleFM
153 - PonyvilleFM Chill
2 - Luna Radio
3 - Fillydelphia Radio
5 - Alicorn Radio
41 - Celestia Radio
141 - BronyTunes Radio
38 - Radio Brony
51 - Brony Radio Germany
46 - PowerPonies Radio
74 - Radio Alterpony.ru
150 - ARBrony Radio
272 - #LPFM
274 - FancyNoise Radio
Video Streams
59 - PVL Special Events
61 - BronyTV
64 - Alicorn Video
88 - Bronyville
245 - Digital Pantheon
62 - The Brony Show
65 - Everypony Video
235 - RadioMollyLIVE (NSFW)
This changes the overall color scheme of the player. Dark is more suitable for sites with darker backgrounds, and vice versa with light. Slim is a streamlined version of the player that occupies much less vertical space.
If you want the background of your site to show through the player, set this to "true" to give the player a transparent background. Otherwise, set this to "false" and the player will use its own background color.
Set this value to "true" to automatically start playing the station selected.
Set this value to "true" to only show the station ID number you specify. Otherwise, all stations will be shown, and the ID number will only be used to autoplay the station matching that ID.