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My name is TheGrassSaysMooo. You can call me whatever you want. Treff, Tiggy, TGSM, i'm fine with pretty much anything. I'm a rapper, and make music pretty often. It's the thing that i do in almost all of my free time, rap or not. I've collabed with some awesome people, like BuffaloBrony, and PurpleBrony (I see a pattern here xD) and I thoroughly enjoy talking on skype with people. Add me if you want to collaborate, want some tips, or even just want to talk (I don't put myself above anyone haha). I'm part of a group called discorded Harmony. I've met a lot of really cool people, and still continue to. If you want to check out my music, or really anything, click on these. (btw the best way to contact me is by email).

Skype: bradfurd2552
Gmail: [email protected]
eqbeats :
bandcamp :
Deviantart :
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